Take Your Law Firm in a Profitable New Direction

Life Care Consulting LLC gives you everything you need to launch, grow, or optimize a Life Care Planning law practice.

Experience success faster than you could on your own, regardless of your current practice model.

Expedited Results

Shorten the learning curve and achieve your revenue potential faster. 

Fewer Missteps

Avoid common mistakes made by attorneys attempting implementation on their own.

Expert Guidance

Learn from the best in the field, including the founders of Life Care Planning.

Online Courses

Learn how to launch, operate, promote, and optimize a Life Care Planning practice with convenient and affordable online courses that you and your staff can access anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.


Total Support Package

It's the ultimate in comprehensive and personalized guidance. One-on-one coaching. Shadowing. Tools. Education. Mentoring. The Total Support Package gives you  everything you need to reach your goals--much faster than you could on your own.


By-the-Project Consulting

Life Care Consulting LLC makes it easy for you to get targeted support where you need it. These limited scope engagements are ideal for help with specific problems, projects, or issues. Design your own engagement and get help exactly where you need it.


Knowledge Is Power

Life Care Consulting LLC helps estate planning and elder law attorneys nationwide build thriving practices adapted to the changing legal and regulatory landscape, as well as the changing needs of their clients. The company’s online courses, support packages, and outsourced service programs help elder care law firms reach their highest potential, generating more revenue and more fulfillment for attorneys, and more peace of mind for clients.

Call (615) 447-8491 to learn more about how Life Care Consulting LLC can help your practice thrive.

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