Give Clients Another Reason to Rely On Your Firm

Provide even more value to elderly clients and family caregivers by adding Medicare support to your service lineup. 

Let Life Care Consulting LLC show you how it's done.

Get the MEDICARE Online Course

What Will You Learn?

The MEDICARE Online Course features eleven detailed video modules that deliver the knowledge you need to support your clients.


Learn how the program is structured, and get aquainted with Medicare terminology.

Medicare Part A

Take a deep dive into Medicare Part A, including what it covers, and what makes it unique.

Medicare Part B

Learn how Medicare Part B works, including coverages, exclusions, and more.

Medicare Part D

Explore the basics of Medicare Part D, Medicare's prescription drug program.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Discover the Medicare Advantage program, its unique characteristics, and more.

Supplemental Plans

Learn how supplement policies work and how they differ from one another. 

Coordination of Benefits

Learn how Medicare functions with other insurance arrangements. 

Long-Term Care & Disabilities

Learn how Medicare differs for people with disabilities and those needing long-term care.

Assistance and Medicaid

Learn about the programs that work with Medicare to address affordability and accessibility. 

Medicare Fraud and Waste

Differentiate between Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse so you can provide support to clients.

Medicare and Your Firm

Learn how to add Medicare support to your elder law firm's service lineup.

In-Depth Resource Library

Deepen your understanding of Medicare with detailed documentation.


The MEDICARE Online Course comes complete with bonus content designed to make your life easier.

  • Resource Library¬†
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Supporting PowerPoint files used in each module

Success Starts with Care

Join the ranks of thriving elder law firms that are adding new value to their clients' lives by offering Medicare support services.



Join the ranks of successful elder law firms who offer Medicare support services to help their clients reach their goals. 



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